About The Earth Trot Project

The Earth Trot Project is an idea, an opportunity and a result. It is a community where people come to learn and teach about cultures, the environment and the future of life on our planet. It is a window where visitors can witness the results of their charity making a difference in the world around them. But most of all, it is a voice that speaks with undying integrity to the righteousness of humanity.

The focus of our organization is vast, reaching from the need for education in developing countries to the preservation of wildlife in the world’s oceans. With aggressive, forward thinking strategies we are confident that not only can we address the issues facing cultures and the environment, but we can change the view of people around the world and instill the awareness needed to grow at a sustainable rate with the resources provided by the Earth.

Our goal is to spread awareness of obstacles facing all of mankind to the hearts of our clients and in turn spark a movement of people that want to change the world. We will address issues large and small and with the help of our clients and the ideas, interest and funding we generate, we believe together we can solve problems, cross boundaries and truly make a difference.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

–Amelia Earhart