The Earth Trot Project needs your help. On June, 17th 2017 the largest wildfire in the US began after a homeowner lost control of their fire. 4 weeks, 13 homes, 8 other structures later and the fire damage is approaching 75,000 acres the fires are reaching 80% containment, but the impact is starting to be realized as the monsoons season is approaching.

The fire is still burning and the coals haven’t cooled and the Earth Trot Project is working hard getting resources organized so we can help reseed, replant and restore the mountains and the communities of Southern Utah affected by this devastating fire and YOU CAN HELP.

Obviously, we have a pretty big task in front of us.   The time to act is now. This area has been dramatically impacted by this wildfire and we need your help.

The Earth Trot Project is working with The US Forest Service, sponsors, local businesses and volunteers just like you to help heal Southern Utah and together we can help provide a HUGE head start and make a lasting difference that will impact these communities and the area for decades. With your help, our actions will have a long reaching positive impact, not just on the forest and the wildlife, but the families, the communities and lives that rely on these mountain for their livelihoods.

Earth Trot Project will be focusing first to help reforest and aid in the hiking and mountain biking trails surrounding Brian Head (these trails have a huge economic impact to the area. Tourists come to Brian Head during the summer seeking to escape the heat of Las Vegas and the pace of Los Angeles) and to the US Forest Service in replanting Dixie National Forest in the Yankee Reservoir & Meadows area including the campgrounds.


We need volunteers. Please sign up and get ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty helping these mountains heal..literally. We are going to be digging and planting seeds. We will also be clearing trails and campgrounds so the Alpine forest is not lost.

Thanks to help from sponsors and donations, The Earth Trot Project will provide meals, drinks, gloves, tools, transportation and motivation, if needed 🙂 If you are physically limited and can not help with planting etc, you can still help.

We need resources, so please volunteer. Tell us how you are able to offer your time and skills and we will figure out how to make it work.

Last, but most importantly we need donations. These donations will be used to keep our volunteers hydrated, feed and honestly will make this whole project possible. All donations will be used on assisting in the reseeding, replanting and restoring those areas affected by the 2017 Brian Head Fire.


I Want To Help!

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