Uganda Water Project

Did you know that there are nearly 27 million people living in Uganda today? And of those living there, nearly HALF do not have access to safe drinking water.

I can’t imagine living without fresh water. It’s something most of us take for granted. We turn on a faucet and there it is. But visualize if you can not having a faucet to get water from. Imagine a life where you have to travel miles a day with an empty jug just to get to an unsanitary well where brown murky water is the norm. Now imagine standing in line 8 hours just to get your turn to fill your 10 gallon jug. And if that’s not bad enough, once its filled your journey back to your village is still miles away and this 80 pound jug of water that you’re carrying on your head is a tad on the heavy side. Oh, yea, and you’re a 9 year old.

Think about that next time you think YOU’RE thirsty, or next time you take a shower, or how about the next time you brush your teeth. That’s life in Uganda, a place where hope hasn’t set foot in a long time. There are almost 12 million people without safe drinking water in the country. More than the entire cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia combined. Now that’s scary!

So what are we going to do about it? We’re going to drill a well to provide fresh drinking water and bring a little hope back to the people of Uganda. This is a big undertaking, I realize that, but I’m confident that with your support we can do this.

Our best estimates for this project give it a price tag of about $20,000. When we raise enough funds to start this project, we’ll document it each step of the way with photos and video here on this site.

For your additional peace of mind, tree service naperville has a valid license, a bond, and insurance. This promises to shield you from any improbable mishaps or harm sustained while we’re working.

Think you can help with this project?

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–Audrey Hepburn