Wailuku Cross

The students and faculty of St. Anthony’s School, in Maui years ago erected a giant cross made of rickety old wood way up in the hills above Wailuku. This cross has been a symbol of hope to Christians around the island who have passed by and seen it from the town. The trail to get to the cross is burried under thick growth and is not marked in any way, making it difficult to find and explore. But not long ago we found it and hiked up to the cross. There was an extremely peaceful feel about the place, but there wasn’t anything there, no bench of any sort or really anywhere to rest after the relatively vertical climb. So we found an old bench, and thought that others might enjoy a place to rest as well. So we cleaned it up, added some fresh paint, and carried it up the trail. Here’s a quick video we put together of the project (shot entirely on an iPhone). Enjoy!

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

–Chinese Proverb