What a Happy New Year!

What a Happy New Year!

Aloha everyone, hope you are enjoying the new year!

2012 will certainly be an exciting year for us as we are hoping to conquer quite a few challenges.  First, as you know is the For the Love of Music project, which if you haven’t read about, check out this link.  It will be very cool.  Speaking of the music project, we have been blessed with a couple of donations that really blew my socks off.  We had two people donate pianos to the project!  Nice pianos too!  I also just got an email from a supporter of the project who wants to donate a trumpet and a flute!  How cool is that?!  Maybe next my wife will find one of those extra ukuleles we have sitting in the office closet and feel compelled to…..  well, we’ll see about that.

Musician’s Workshop Westmont is doing really well too!  The store looks great and they’ve been getting a lot of new clients for lessons.  I’m really happy for Michael Tahlier and his crew down there doing some really cool things and being the outlet for the music project.  Way to go Michael!  Continued success in 2012!  And if anyone needs musical instruction or instruments please check out his website here.

I know usually around Thanksgiving we announce that new calendars are available to order for the coming year.  Unfortunately, this year with all my firefighter training I just didn’t have the time to put these together.  But better late than never, right?  They’re here.  The new 2012 calendars are here and ready to go.  I dropped the price $5 from last year to $15 a piece for these guys.  They are very cool and as always if you purchase a calendar, all proceeds go to support the projects we’re working on.  I know its a little late, but order your calendars today!  Click here to order 2012 calendars.

We’ll be working on a few more projects this year, plus we’re working on a giveaway promotion too, so stay tuned.  Hope you have a great 2012, and as always, thank you so much for all your support!  With your help, this will be the best year yet!

Aloha nui,


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