What is The Earth Trot Project?

We spent a long time brainstorming how to best use our resources in order to help the most people from all walks of life. We consulted with experts, lawyers, CEOs and others in the philanthropy field and we found that most organizations have one constant: a niche market. There are non-profits that focus on providing healthcare to those without, others who drill wells to provide water to people in need and still more who setup educational institutions in areas without schooling. There are many other niches too, so when we sat down and looked at all that was out there and tried to figure where The Earth Trot Project was best equipped to focus, we had a hard time narrowing it down.

We looked at the core of Earth Trot. The concept for our non-profit developed from the sharing of photographs and essays that depicted life in other cultures from every corner of the globe. And we thought “Cultural Awareness” would be a good start. But awareness alone, albeit important, does not still hunger or quench thirst. It does not teach literacy and it does not provide shelter. We believe these are all very basic human rights to which all of mankind is entitled.

So, we’ve decided that our niche is to not have a niche at all. We will help everyone we can in any way we can. And if that means drilling wells or building schools or providing healthcare, then that’s what we hope to do. It is an ambitious undertaking, but we’re confident that with your help, your ideas and your support, together we can perform miracles.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

–Mark Twain